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About the Sovereign Wealth Center

Institutional Investor launched the Sovereign Wealth Center (SWC) in 2012 to provide market-leading research on sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) to asset managers, investment banks and consultants. Since then, SWC has expanded its coverage beyond sovereign wealth funds to include other government and sovereign institutions. Our goal is to help the wider investment community keep abreast of the latest investment trends in this important group of institutions by providing fund profiles, transaction data, news, analysis and business opportunity leads.  

We source information directly from sovereign and government funds, as well as from regulatory filings and market sources. Our fund profiles provide insight into each fund’s portfolio composition, investment strategy and organizational structure, as well as its anticipated investments. SWC’s transaction data includes prices paid, details of co-investors and explanatory notes. Currently, our database represents more than $1 trliion worth of transactions, dating back to the 1960s.  

As the preeminent provider of data and research on sovereign and government funds, SWC often features prominently in the media, and we have recently contributed information to stories in Bloomberg, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

About the Sovereign Investor Institute

As of October 2015, SWC is now part of the Sovereign Investor Institute (SII), the leading global forum for the sovereign and government fund community. Based on a single successful sponsored conference held in London ten years ago, Institutional Investor moved to establish SII as a membership organization in 2010 to better serve the needs of the community and help its members engage more productively with each other as well as with government officials, policy makers, academic experts and leading asset managers. Since that modest beginning, SII has grown rapidly and now comprises six roundtables held annually in Abu Dhabi, Africa, Latin America, London, North America and Singapore. In 2014, over 290 government fund delegates from 70 countries attended these roundtables. SII government fund members also engage actively on the Investors Intelligence Network (IIN) while supporting members utilize the Managers Intelligence Network (MIN). These vibrant online communities help institutions stay in touch, seek advice from one another, exchange ideas and even conduct manager searches.

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