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The Sovereign Investor Institute (SII), a membership organization of Institutional Investor, is a private global community of sovereign and government funds supported by a group of leading global financial institutions. The institute, which evolved from a gathering in London in 2005, provides an independent platform for sovereign wealth funds, government pension funds, central banks and large public pension plan managers to exchange ideas and build relationships with their peers and industry thought leaders. SII hosts annual Global Roundtables in London and Singapore, and provides access to regional Roundtables in Asia, the Middle East, and Canada. Each gathering addresses important themes as requested by senior investment officials at leading sovereign and government funds.

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Questions? To find out more about membership in the Sovereign Investor Institute, please contact: 

New York

Lori Chase
Director, Memberships 
+1 212 224 3923 

Emma Whittingham
+1 212 224 3609

Su Lau
Assistant Director, Government Funds and Investor Relations
+1 212 224 3600

Laura Muller
Member Services Coordinator
+1 212 224 3678


Xaview D' Astugues
Executive Director, Europe & Middle East
+44 207 303 1714

Beatrice Hainlein
Execurive Director, Institutional Investor Memberships
+44 207 303 1714

Hong Kong

Marsha Larned
Head of Asia, II Forums & Memberships
+852 2842 6925

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