Fund Profiles

Name AUM ($Billion)
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority UAE MENA $589 Billion
Abu Dhabi Investment Council UAE MENA $90 Billion
Alabama Trust Fund (Coming Soon) USA North America Unknown
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation USA North America $51.1 Billion
Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Canada North America $15.8 Billion
Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company Bahrain MENA $10.9 Billion
Brunei Investment Agency Brunei Asia-Pacific Unknown
China Investment Corporation China Asia-Pacific $650 billion
Emirates Investment Authority UAE MENA $22 Billion
Fondo de Ahorro de Panamá Panama Latin America $1.3 Billion
Fondo de Estabilización de los Ingresos Petroleros (Coming Soon) Mexico Latin America Unknown
Fundo Soberano de Angola Angola Sub-Saharan Africa $5 billion
Future Fund Australia Oceania $95.2 Billion
Future Generations Fund (Coming Soon) Bahrain MENA Unknown
Ghana Petroleum Funds Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa $450 Million
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Singapore Asia-Pacific $315 billion
Government Pension Fund Global Norway Europe $869 Billion
Heritage and Stabilization Fund Trinidad and Tobago Latin America Unknown
Hong Kong Monetary Authority China Asia-Pacific $391 billion (investment portfolio: $65.1 billion)
International Petroleum Investment Company UAE MENA $68.4 billion
Khazanah Nasional Bhd. Malaysia Asia-Pacific $41.1 Billion
Korea Investment Corporation South Korea Asia-Pacific $72 Billion
Kuwait Investment Authority Kuwait MENA $386.1 Billion
Libyan Investment Authority Libya MENA $60 Billion
Mubadala Development Co. PJSC UAE MENA $60.9 billion
National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Central Asia $76.6 Billion
National Pensions Reserve Fund Ireland Europe $27.8 Billion
National Wealth Fund and Reserve Fund Russia Central Asia 87.5
New Mexico State Investment Council (Coming Soon) USA North America Unknown
New Zealand Superannuation Fund New Zealand Oceania $21.9 billion
Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority Nigeria Sub-Saharan Africa $1.35 Billion
North Dakota Legacy Fund (Coming Soon) USA North America Unknown
Oman Investment Fund Oman MENA $17.2 Billion
Pension Reserve Fund and Economic and Social Stabilization Fund Chile Latin America $7.5 billion
Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund (Coming Soon) USA North America Unknown
Petroleum Fund of Timor-Leste Timor-Leste Asia-Pacific $15.7 Billion
Pula Fund Botswana Sub-Saharan Africa $5.5 Billion
Qatar Investment Authority Qatar MENA $304.4 Billion
Revenue Equalization Reserve Fund (Coming Soon) Kiribati Oceania Unknown
Sanabil Investments (Coming Soon) Saudi Arabia MENA Unknown
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Saudi Arabia MENA $730 billion (investment portfolio $210 billion)
State Administration of Foreign Exchange China Asia-Pacific $300 billion
State General Reserve Fund of the Sultanate of Oman Oman MENA $34.4 Billion
State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Central Asia $37.6 Billion
Temasek Holdings Singapore Asia-Pacific $177.2 Billion
Western Australia Future Fund Australia Oceania $0.6 Billion

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